Hi, I'm CatNipped, welcome to my place!

Here you'll find all things cats, from pictures to stories, to friends who also have web sites about cats.

Please kick off your shoes, curl up on a favorite chair, help yourself to a saucer of cream, and make yourself at home.

First let me introduce myself. My nickname is "CatNipped". I am owned by four furbabies (Bandit and Sammy have gone to the Rainbow Bridge), Demi (female, 13-year-old, DLH white), Jessie (female, 12-year-old DSH, tortoiseshell), and bro-furs Ozzy and Archer (5-year-old male orinj-stripey boyz). Sharing this house is DH (dear husband), "CatNapped".

I'm a frequent poster on rec.pets.cats.anecdotes, so you may know me from there. If so then you've found the right place to see all the kitties' pictures and stories.

I hope you enjoy yourself while you're here and come back to visit again soon!

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