Let me tell you a little more about us.

We live in Texas just north of Houston.

I am a web architect. DH (dear husband), CatNapped, is a help desk support technician. DH got the nickname CatNapped because he is, um, ergonomically "challenged". He is the brains of the family.

Bandit recently left us for the Rainbow Bridge at the age of 17. You can read a story about her rampages on our Story Page if you'd like. Bandit was a DLH (domestic long hair) with tabby coloring.

Demi is our oldest at 11 years old. Demi is a DHL who is solid white. While she is the most gorgeous cat I've ever seen, very few people get to see her since she is so timid. She hides whenever anyone comes to visit, and most people don't even know we have a white cat living here!

Jessie is next in line at 10 years old. She is a DSH (domestic short hair) with variegated markings called tortoiseshell. Jessie is our clown cat - she loves to play and her favorite things in the whole world are the laser pointer (red dot greeble) and tropical fish food.

Sammy is 5 years old. She is a DLH with tabby coloring. Sammy is the most personable of our furbabies, very outgoing, friendly, and an incorrigible scamp. Sammy's depredations upon Mommy are infamous world wide. Her stories can also be found on our Story Page.

Ozzy and Archer are the kittens of the family even though they are now almost 3 years old. They are orinj-stripey little terrors. Ozzy got his name from Ozzy Osbourne - he has the same goofy, laid-back personality. Archer was named after Captain Archer of Star Trek - Enterprise (we're science fiction nuts).

For those who like to look at "non-furred" people, here are some pictures of me. And here are a few of our home.



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