DH and I went to PetsMart about 6 weeks after Bandit died. We knew we could never replace her in our hearts, but we knew that we needed some new life and new energy in our saddened home.

We were actually in the process of adopting another cat when we looked over and saw this little orange-stripey kitten gobbling down some food while he held his much larger bro-fur away from the food with his right paw. As soon as he'd had his fill, he allowed his bro-fur to get to the dish of food while he licked his bro-fur's ear.

DH and I have always had the philosophy of, "What's one more cat?" We have a large home and we love to have it filled with feline wonderfulness as much as it will hold.

This little orange-stripey was always investigating everything, always getting into trouble when he did, boldly going where no cat had gone before, so DH and I named him Archer, after the captain of the starship Enterprise, Jonathon Archer.

So Archer and his bro-fur came into our lives and there hasn't been a dull moment since!


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