Bandit's hair is growing in nicely where she was burned, but oddly, she's now got two white patches of hair where she had all dark hair before. I guess that experience would turn any of us grey, though!

Some women would pay good money for a dramatic white streak in their hair like this one!!

Above all else, she's recovered and is well - that's all that matters to me!

All traces of her injury are now gone except for the white streaks.

Bandit at her fountain - sometimes she laps up the water...

and sometimes she paws at it and then licks it off her paw (and I wonder why the fountain is always clogged with cat hair!)

That's right, baby, drink lots and lots of water - it's good for your kidneys!

Her tummy looks like nothing was ever wrong!

The surgery site on her side is all well too and only the shorter hair is an indication of where the burn was.

She's feeling fit as a fiddle now!



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