Sammy, AKA Samazon, passed to the Rainbow Bridge at 1:35AM on June 24, 2011. I wasn't with her at the end, I was in a hospitable bed and could not talk the doctors into letting me go to her. The following is my epitaph to my Heart Cat:

My sweet gentle giant
     my tiny baby girl
Never let it stop her
     that she was too big for her world
She was too long for her tunnel
     too "fluffy" for her bed
But my lap had always room there
     to lay her precious head
Funny little clown cat
     she liked to suck her toe
It gave her the comfort
     as kitten she didn't know
I couldn't be there for her then
     I hadn't met her yet
Then when she needed me the most
     died, alone at the vet
Would I take away all her hurt
     put upon myself all her fear
A thousand times more and then some
     for just one second of her here

Sammy came to us as a rescue like all my furbabies. But since then she had been turned into the most adored, pampered, spoiled little cat you can imagine (but then she should have been, she was such a sweetie). She was a big baby - she still sucked her toe until the day she died - but she was also a big love bug and liked to lick my face whenever I would "kiss her all over" her head!

The folks at rec.pets.cats.anecdotes are quite familiar with Sammy's hooli-kitten antics, but if you're not, you might want to read about her kittenish depredations on the Story Page.

Sammy must have been one of the most photographed kitties in the world! At just 11 months old she had more pictures of her taken than all her sisters combined (but then again, she was born after the invention of the digital camera). Click on the links below to follow her development from a 6-week-old kitten who could fit in the palm of my hand to a honking great big 20 pound 5-year-old whose paw, when extended could fit in the palm of my hand.


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