What should the caption for this picture be?

Some suggestions I've already gotten:

"How dare you take my picture before I've had my coffee?"

"You mean computer mice *aren't* edible?"


"Who me?"

"What do you think you're DOING to me with THAT thing?"

"You want me to do WHAT?!?!?!"

"You are getting sleeeepy, you will hear only my voice and obey what I tell you. You will feed me premium food each time I demand it.  You will get me a pet dog to torture.  You will never take me to the v*t again.  You will buy me a new toy every second day.  You will allow me to shred anything I want. If you do not obey me, you will regret it."

"Wow..... E really DOES equal MC squared!"

"Dream when you're feeling blue --
dream and it will come true --
Things are never as bad as they seem
If you dream, dream, dream!"

"Your unusual opinion has been noted. Now begone, slave."

"How dare you photograph my worse side!"

"You mean that tasty - OOOPS, I mean PRETTY - little yellow bird in the cage? I never saw any 'parakeet'."
"No really, I can drive. Really. That catnip wasn't all that strong. Oh wait, I AM a cat aren't I?"
"Whatta YOU lookin' at?"
"You're gonna put that where? No really, I feel fine. No fever here."

"Don't use the flashy thingy!"

"Look at me!"

"But Meowmie there really is a greebling in there!"

"Whoa, Mom! Back off with that camera!

"What? There really is no Sandy Paws?"

"You know about the mothership?"

"He said WHAT?"

"We are NOT amused!"

"How dare you wear that housecoat after 11 AM!"
"How dare you offer me dry catfood!"
"How dare you make a tuna sandwich and not offer me one!"
"How dare you suggest I stop scratching the sofa!"
"You call that a toupee? We are not ammused."
"You shouldn't have had that second drink."



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