"What?  You didn't really need to pay these bills I'm laying on did you?"

"Hmmm, just let the creditors call, then tell them I can't be bothered!"

Jessie, Sammy, and the shoebox...

"Hey, you stole my box!"

"Who me?! Did not!"  "Did too!"  "Did not!"  "Did too!"

"Nope, it says right here on the inside, 'Jessie's Box'."  "Uh uh!"  "Uh huh!"  "Uh uh!"

"So I guess I'll just make myself comfortable!"  "Get out!"  "No!"  "Get out!"  "No!"

"GET OUT!"  "Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah, I can't hear you!"

"Mommy said it's mine, so there!"  "Just wait till you get out!!"

"Go ahead and wait for me to get out, you'll get tired of waiting before I'm tired of box sitting!"

"OK you meanie, mommy gave me my own box, so there!"

"Grrrr, I'd like to do to Jessie what I'm doing to this fierce, attack squirrel"



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